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In examining what we do and what we do best, our Charter has highlighted our Vision and Mission as follows:


Promoting full personal and social development in caring Christian communities of learning and teaching.


To provide Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition.

Over the years since our establishment we have addressed this Vision and Mission by assisting independent schools that are faith based with a values led curriculum. We care for the development of the child in every sense as they grow in a happy, safe environment.

Our schools are caring schools. We encourage each of our students to reach his or her full potential. We encourage academic achievements allied with the promotion of sport, drama, the arts, and charitable works in order to assist the social and personal development of our students.

We actively promote partnership in our 96 school communities and pride ourselves in the multicultural pluralism that is evident in our schools. Edmund Rice schools are both inclusive in their approach and respectful of diversity. Our schools promote equality of access and participation - in other words, children of any faith, or none, at every level of ability, of any nationality or ethnic grouping are all welcome in our schools. All of our schools are encouraged to recognise the uniqueness of each individual in caring communities where holistic development is nurtured.

Students in our schools belong to a worldwide network that is inspired by the vision of Edmund Rice. This enables our student to have a wider world vision and to take part in our Immersion programmes. The Edmund Rice Developing World Immersion Programme aims to increase the desire and capacity of students and wider school communities to act in solidarity with others for a more just world. Our schools are to the forefront in social justice action both here in Ireland and abroad in Africa and India.

The Edmund Rice Schools Trust organisation is served by a small, flexible, responsive and highly motivated team who possess the expertise to deal with a broad range of issues in relation to Patronage and Trusteeship.

The Edmund Rice Schools Trust is justifiably proud of its record of further developing the values of Edmund Rice in a modern context for a modern Ireland.

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