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A Call to Action - Sign the “One” Campaign for Change petition

A Call to Action to all Edmund Rice Schools Trust Students for Blessed Edmund Rice Feast Day, Thursday 5th May, 2016.

Over 200 years ago Edmund Rice looked outside his window in Waterford, saw the needs in the community and responded with a practical solution.  Today, we look outside our windows and see the need to respond in the same Spirit. This year the Edmund Rice Schools Trust has focussed on the theme from our Charter of responding to a changing world.  Unfortunately, in today’s Ireland Homelessness is at crisis point.  A home is a fundamental and life giving thread, which helps to weave families together as one.  It provides us with a sense of security, a place where we can relax, and study so that we can reach our potential and be happy. 

But almost every day in Ireland, the ever increasing number of families and children without a place to call home is headline news.

It doesn't have to be this way.

We can and must end homelessness. 

That's why we are signing the One Campaign for Change petition -

We are saying that this generation must make homelessness history.  

We, the students of Edmund Rice Schools in Ireland, have a strong voice when we come together.  Almost 33,000 voices speaking in unison can be heard and won’t be ignored.

The Edmund Rice Schools Trust is preparing a Vimeo for all schools to be shown on Edmund Rice Feast Day.  We invite you to please share this Vimeo with your whole school community as part of our One Campaign for Change and the celebrations for Edmund Rice’s Feast day.  This Vimeo will be with all schools on Friday 29th April to be shown on Thursday 5th May in our Post Primary Schools.  Primary schools that are on mid-term break on 5th May should show the Vimeo on Monday 9th May.

This is our chance.  Please sign the One Campaign for Change Petition during the Blessed Edmund Rice Feast Day celebrations in your school on Thursday 5th May.  Again, Primary schools that are on mid-term break on 5th May should sign the petition on Monday 9th May.  A Word document version of the petition is also attached.  Please return any hard copy petitions to the ERST office for our attention.

5540 people were listed as homeless in December 2015, 1616 of whom are children. 41 families became homeless in December 2015.  Another 125 families became homeless in January 2016. This number will continue to increase as the epidemic continues due to pressure from banks and lack of services to support people in crisis.  We have devised a charter for action which is broken into 3 strands:

·           Increase social housing as a matter of urgency

·           Introduce interim measures to ease the immediate crisis

·           Prevent the banks from evicting people from their homes and promote the mortgage to rent scheme so that no more families have to go through the ignominy of being forced out of their family home.

Please sign and support our petition.  Behind every statistic are the stories of human beings.  No human being should be cast aside in society.  Please support our cause!

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