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Caritas Letter Writing Campaign

Carita Letter Writing

Dear Principal

I am writing to invite you to be a part of a world-wide letter writing campaign by Edmund Rice Schools.

HIV/Aids is a terrible world-wide epidemic affecting millions of people.  It is particularly bad for those in the world who are less well off.   Many of our schools have seen this ‘first-hand’ during visits to Africa.  I personally will never forget meeting Beatrice on an Immersion visit to Africa in 2007.  She begged me to take the following photograph of her.  She was dying of HIV/Aids and I believe that she wanted me to take the photograph as she knew that it would be the only thing left to remind people of her in this world.

Edmund Rice International is a Non-Governmental Organisation founded by the Christian Brothers to advocate for the rights of children throughout the world.  This is the second year that ERI has asked that all Edmund Rice schools join together in a common bond to advocate for those more underprivileged than ourselves.

We are inviting you to participate by encouraging your students to write a letter to Government and pharmaceutical companies requesting that access to medical aid to children with HIV/Aids improves.   To help you do this ERI have provided links, guidelines, fact sheets and lesson notes for you to download at

In the Edmund Rice Schools Trust we would like to highlight our involvement in this world-wide Edmund Rice education action by publishing some of your letters on our webpage and in Siol.  So could I ask you to copy the letters you send to us.

Please help to make a greater difference in our world – join the campaign!  With every bet wishes and thanks for your support,

Tony McCann

Ethos Development

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