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CBC Monkstown - Zambian Immersion Project

Fourth year students Donal Ennis and Fergal Styles tell about their experience in Zambia.

“I went to Zambia in October last year with eighteen other students and four teachers from my school. We stayed for three weeks and during that time we did building and decorating work and we taught primary school children. I really enjoyed being with the kids. The experience opened my mind. When I think back on it the images of the smiling people come flooding back and I can smell the compounds we visited. Since my return home I feel so grateful and happy for all we have. (Donal Ennis)

“The toughest part of my visit to Zambia was visiting a hospice where we saw young babies suffering form AIDS. Many had been orphaned because of the disease and would lose their own lives because of it. While that was tragic I was blown away by the sheer joy of the little kids we brought to the zoo. It was great to see the happiness on their faces. We take so much for granted here, like clean water and shoes. The trip to Zambia brought home to me how little some people have in comparison to us. There is a lot to be done to help those whose lives are so much harder than ours, and that’s why, some time after I’ve done the Leaving Certificate, I’ll go back again.”

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