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Leo Hogan joins the Edmund Rice Schools Trust

I am delighted to announce that the Edmund Rice Schools Trust has a new member of our Schools Support Services and Executive team, Mr. Leo Hogan.   As you may know, Leo was formerly Principal of St. Mary’s Academy, Carlow, retiring from that position at the end of August, 2017.

Over the coming days we will look again at the allocation of schools and will reorganise the team and their responsibilities.  We allocate a certain number of schools, to each of our School Support team members so that their individual focus can be given continuously to their allocated schools.  We will contact you shortly to advise of the Schools Support Services team member responsible for your school.

We are delighted that Leo has joined the ERST team.  We wish him well, as I am sure do you, and look forward to working with him into the future.

Gerry Bennett
Chief Executive, The Edmund Rice Schools Trust

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