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Global Citizenship Education

We have received a grant from Worldwise Global Schools ( to promote Global Citizenship Education (GCE) among our network of 66 secondary schools. Many of these schools are already engaged with Worldwise in various projects and you should continue with your work in this area. However, we are also asking for your engagement with us in a series of programmes we offer every year.

What is Global Citizenship Education?

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) is an educational process aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of the rapidly changing, interdependent and unequal world in which we live. By challenging stereotypes and encouraging independent thinking, GCE helps students critically explore the root causes of global justice issues and how they interlink with our everyday lives.GCE inspires global solidarity by supporting people to fully realise their rights, responsibilities and potential as global citizens in order to take meaningful action for a just and sustainable world.
(Definition taken from Worldwise site).


Our projects for the coming year will include:

1. Becoming a School of Sanctuary
2. Student Leadership Certificate
3. Advocacy Training for Teachers to facilitate setting up advocacy campaigns at school and at national level
4. Walk in My Shoes - seeing the world through the eyes of others who are in situations that are different to our usual experiences
5. Collaboration with schools in South Africa - Students Talking
6. Biodiversity Eco-Network


We hope that each of our schools will be in a position to engage with us in at least one of these projects.

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