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The Edmund Rice Schools Trust


The Edmund Rice Schools Trust is the trustee of 96 schools, both primary and secondary, in the Republic of Ireland. These 96 schools include schools which were formally under the trusteeship of the Christian Brothers, schools that have come into our trusteeship and new schools that we have established in recent years. We will be willing to provide patronage of new schools in an area where there is a need for Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition.

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It has been a very tough time in schools over the past two years and, at last, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccination programme and compliance with regulations, along with an apparent waning of the impact of the virus on people, have all contributed to a belief that we are reaching a stage where we can live with the virus.

Catholic Schools Week is an opportunity to celebrate the beginning of ‘Living Life to the Full’. We look forward to seeing your celebrations.


What We Do

School Resources / Publications

We provide school support and resources for students, teachers, principals and parents. Find what you need easily in our document library.

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Our schools are Catholic schools which promote a Christian concept of the world with a spiritual and moral values system that contributes to the good of society as a whole.

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All of our schools recognise the uniqueness of each individual in caring communities where holistic development is nurtured.

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School Governance

Governance Services in the Edmund Rice Schools Trust provides a framework of ongoing advice and support for Boards of Management and Principals in our Primary and Secondary schools in relation to the role of trusteeship.

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Finance & Property

Finance and Properties aim, in conjunction with Ethos Development and Governance, is to work in partnership with our schools, supporting them in the monitoring and management of their Finances, and holding the Properties in Trust.

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Our Schools

The Edmund Rice Schools Trust is a community of schools that observe the principles of the Edmund Rice Schools Charter which were developed collaboratively by the trustees, boards of management, staff, parents and students of the schools.

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Edmund Rice Schools' Charter

ERST Charter cover

Our Charter sets out a framework to enable Edmund Rice education to thrive and grow into the future. It is based around core values which came from our schools having been identified and agreed through a collaborative and consultative process. The educational approach in the schools subscribes to the holistic vision as expressed in the five key elements of our charter.

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Our Schools in Action

Our schools promote equality of access and participation – in other words, children of any faith, or none, at every level of ability, of any nationality or ethnic grouping are all welcome in our schools. All of our schools recognise the uniqueness of each individual in caring communities where holistic development is nurtured. Enrolment processes are open and flagged in advance.

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Featured Edmund Rice Schools

Our Schools

The map show the locations of the 96 Edmund Rice Schools in Ireland.

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Latest News

EREBB Online Leadership Certificate 2022

The EREBB Leadership Certificate is an international online course developed by Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders (EREBB), Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST) in Ireland, and Marino Institute of Education (MIE). This interactive 20-hour course consists of four modules of self-directed learning, which participants can complete in their own time and at their own pace. The… Read more »

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Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week will be celebrated in schools across the island of Ireland from Sunday 23 January – Sunday 30 January. The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2022 is ‘Catholic Schools: Living Life to the Full’. During Catholic Schools Week, our Edmund Rice schools, families and parishes are invited to participate in a week of… Read more »

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