Finance & Properties


Finance and Properties aim, in conjunction with Ethos Development and Governance, is to work in partnership with our schools, supporting them in the monitoring and management of their Finances, and holding the Properties in Trust.

The Edmund Rice Schools Trust is the registered owner of the Schools property.   ERST holds all the properties in Trust for education in the Edmund Rice Tradition for current and future generations.

The individual school Boards of Management are responsible to ERST for the management of the Property.  Any alterations to the property require the pre-approval of the Trustees.

All completed Capital and Emergency Works funding applications to the Department of Education and Skills should be approved by the Trustees prior to submission to the Department.  Please forward completed applications to

Should a school’s Board of Management wish to explore a non-DES funded Capital Development initiative in the school, the following form, Capital Development Proposal, should be completed and forwarded to for review and submission to the Trustees for their consideration.

In the area of Finance we have a number of internal and Statutory requirements to meet:

  • Budgets for the coming academic year should be forwarded to the Trust for approval in May of each year.
  • The certified school accounts should be forwarded to the Trust for approval in November of each year.  Templates and guidelines for post-primary accounts can be found on the FSSU site.

ERST also arranges insurance cover for all our schools.  We work closely with Tower Willis Watson Insurance Brokers to ensure that we get the best value and most holistic cover and service for our schools.  Allianz is the current provider of this cover.  It is vital that all incidents associated with any potential insurance claim are notified, in the first instance, to Bob Fitzpatrick at Willis.  No advice should be taken, or sought, prior to informing them.