The Edmund Rice School

Our schools are Catholic schools which promote a Christian concept of the world with a spiritual and moral values system that contributes to the good of society as a whole.

Our role is to support our schools and their students, teachers, principals and voluntary boards of management, members, directors and staff in line with the values of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust Charter.

In line with the values of our charter, we have developed a model of education based on the founding intention and the life of blessed Edmund Rice. Care for the disadvantaged and vulnerable, a strong opposition to poverty and injustice, fostering of leadership and a deep commitment to the Catholic faith are characteristics of an Edmund Rice school.

Our schools promote equality of access and participation – in other words, children of any faith, or none, at every level of ability, of any nationality or ethnic grouping are all cherished in our schools and given the opportunity to be the best they can be. Our schools recognise the uniqueness of each individual in caring communities where holistic development is nurtured. Enrolment processes are open and transparent and the highest educational, developmental and pastoral standards apply in all our schools.

In addition to the provision of high standards of excellence in teaching and learning, our schools uphold a strong cultural and sporting tradition. Inspired by the five key elements of the Edmund Rice Charter our schools are responding to a changing world. We aim to develop leaders of the future who will work in partnership together to promote social justice, human rights and care for the environment and who will look after themselves and others equally and be inspirational citizens.