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ERST Network of Guidance Counsellors

  A meeting will take place on Wednesday 22nd September at 9.00am for Guidance Counsellors with a view to setting up a network of counsellors where ideas can be shared and we can learn from each other.

SEN Coordinators Network

Network of SEN Coordinators – Meeting.   A meeting of SEN Coordinators will take place on Monday next, 20th September at 9.00am.

Link Teachers

15th September at 11.30am.   Our first meeting of Link Teachers this year will take place on Wednesday 15th September at 11.30am for 45 minutes. We hope to see a representative from each of our schools.

Catholic Schools Week 2021

CSW will take place from 1st to 5th February but it’s unlikely that students and teachers will be in school. How can we celebrate CSW? We are certain that many of our schools will show their creativity this year in celebrating the week in innovative and online ways.

Equality in Education

Today’s meeting explored areas for inclusion in an Action Project. Another meeting will take place next Tuesday at 10am.