North Monastery Secondary School

North Monastery Secondary School
Our Lady's Mount
North Monastery Road
T23 P825

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Mission Statement

Inspired by the vision of Edmund Rice, the North Monastery , in its proud tradition, is committed in partnership with parents, to enabling all members of the school community to achieve their full potential in a caring environment where mutual respect, good order, discipline and positive self esteem are the values which guide us in our teaching and learning community.

Q&A with Principal Mr Mick Evans

Principal Mick EvansWhen did you first come to the school?
I attended this school in the early 1960s as a student of our Primary School.

I left in the mid 1970’s having completed my 2nd Level Education.

When did you become Principal?
I became Principal in January 2010

What is your best school days memory?
The Brother allowed us to form a Youth Club in cooperation with a local girls school. This contributed in a very real sense to the social and personal development of all those involved. Friendships developed in that club which still endure today.

What was your favourite subject at school?
I enjoyed English

What is your favourite book?
I enjoy reading political biographies.

What makes your school great?
Our school is a living vibrant example of inclusivity. We value the diversity of our student population and as a consequence our experience of teaching them is indeed an enriching one.

Ms Ruth Harrington with her 3rd Year English Class src=
Ms Ruth Harrington with one of her classes

Q&A with Staff: Ms Ruth Harrington

When did you first come to the school?
I came six years ago straight after my H.Dip

What was your favourite subject at school?

What is your best school days memory?
Performing in the school play and music concert

What does Edmund Rice mean to you?
It means inclusion. Every child has a right to learn in a safe and happy classroom.

What is your favourite film?
My favourite film to teach is the Shawshank Redemption

What makes your school great?
The North Monastery Secondary School is a great school because it provides many varied opportunities to students from all backgrounds. We have a great team of teachers who not only care about the students academic background but also their social education.

Q&A with Student: David Burke

What is your favourite subject?
My favourite subject is English

How do you experience the Charter in your school?
I think the Charter includes everyone and looks after less fortunate students. For example we receive a free roll every lunch time and homework clubs are set up to help us succeed.

What Goals do you have?
My goal would be to become a guard and to get a place on the Cork Hurling Team.

What music do you like?
I like rap music e.g. Macklemore

What makes your school great?
Our school is great because of the friendly atmosphere. We are all sports mad and the teachers are kind and helpful.